New tyre labels

What does the new regulation change?

Tyre wholesalers and online retailers are working hard to adapt tyre labels to the new rules. Adequate preparation for the entry of the new regulation avoids penalties and stress resulting from failure to comply with the new obligations. The European Union's new tyre labelling regulation comes into force on 1 May 2021. From that date, retailers are required to label tyres according to the new rules.

What regulation is this?

The regulation making it mandatory to describe tyres placed on the European market with an energy label had been in force since 2009. From 1 May 2021, it was replaced by an updated version of the regulation (EU 2020/740). Under the new regulations, tyres for buses, trucks are also covered by the new law.

What is the purpose of the changes?

The change in the labelling of tyres is intended to increase consumer awareness of the environmental impact of tyres. The information about which tyre has the highest energy efficiency class should help consumers to choose tyres with a lower environmental impact. This should translate into a reduction in CO2 emissions.

How do the new labels differ from the old ones?

  • meant to raise awareness that energy saving applies to both combustion and electric vehicles
  • the number of tyre classes has been reduced to five. The worst performing tyres are no longer allowed on the market
  • contain a QR code which provides the consumer with additional tyre data from the European Commission's database
  • have a marking to adapt the tyre to difficult snow conditions.

What do the new labels look like? What information do they contain?

The new labels include 5 parameters: the tyre class, the wet grip class, the QR code, the noise class with external noise emission expressed in decibels, and a parameter expressing the tyre's grip on icy roads or difficult snow conditions.

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