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The tyre industry requires solutions designed with its standards in mind. Our software takes all of the benefits of automating sales of tyres, rims and automotive accessories. Due to integration with wholesale and retail platforms & aggregators, you can automate your sales and order processing with ease. Sell more tyres with TyreSoft.

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The most frequently chosen tyre software on market

Why TyreSoft is the best choice?

  • We have been delivering software tyre and rim companies for more than 12 years.
  • We are working with over 100 companies by now so that the experience of our specialists in the field is invaluable.
  • We provide you with a shop that brings automation of orders, integration with any sales or wholesale program.
  • We offer databases and product catalogues of all tyre brands with automatic update.
  • We are the authors of technologies that work within large and small companies in the tyre and rim sector for years.
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For 12 years we have been improving our tyre software & services

Our genuine technologies:


Multiple product matching

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Seamless Integration

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TYRE router

Automatic order processing

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Tyre offer variability index

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Multiple product code matching

The tyre retail market is characterised by a multitude of product codes and additional markings. Our system analyses product codes, takes leading zeros into account and controls the database in such a way as to achieve maximum effective matching of product parameters from stocks integrated into the system. This reduces the errors in making orders and return of goods to a minimum.

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Seamless Integration

Our system is focues around the automatic integration of supplier offers, i.e. wholesalers, manufacturers and wholesale platforms with customers, supporting multi-channel distribution. This makes it possible to freely control the offer and presence in many distribution channels eliminating unnecessary, monotonous work.

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TYRE router

Automatic order processing

The use of TYRE router technology translates into lower labour costs and reduced human error by having the programme handle and process all orders from different sources.

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Tyre offer variability index

Pricing in the system is based on dedicated mechanisms for easy and mass management of product prices. The system uses market feedback, thanks to which it can automatically operate prices in a dynamically changing competitive environment.

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We cooperate with more than 100 companies in the tyre industry


  • "TyreSoft suggested the right solutions at every stage of cooperation, even at the after-sales care stage. We have increased our offer with products of several wholesalers. The downloading of price lists from suppliers, inventory management and sending orders is done automatically."

    Michał Pasoń, Owner

  • "The platform with an integrated online shop, created by TyreSoft, is an advanced solution that is adapted to the specificity of the tyre market. The automatic management of prices and stocks of the integrated wholesalers optimises sales in our shop."

    Marek Nowak, Owner

  • "The tyre and rim system from TyreSoft has helped us to securely optimise our sales and order processing. It has improved our work and that of our employees. The software meets our requirements. Tyresoft expands our system with new modules and functionalities, helping us to achieve better sales results."

    Marek Michalski, Owner

  • "TyreSoft prepared a complete strategy for the development of our online shop based on the previously conducted audit. Adapting the functionality of the TyreSoft system to our needs helped to improve our work. It is a good, well-thought-out and intuitive product."

    Przemysław Rudny, Owner

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By using our offer, you choose the scope of cooperation you are interested in

What do we offer?

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Websites and
e-commerce shops

Development of your

Solutions for


of Tyres & Wheels

TyreSoft offers a complete design and maintenance service for tyre and rim websites and shops.

The development of your business often depends on the image of your company on the Internet. We offer actions that will translate into its improvement.

The specificity of the automotive industry forces the use of solutions created for it. TyreSoft specializing in creating software for the tyre industry has in its offer a number of solutions that improve the daily work of more than 100 companies.

TyreSoft offers the possibility of full integration of the process of downloading warehouse stock and ordering goods through the exchange of data files. It provides the possibility of full automation of sales processes and operation of your shop in the dropshipping model.

For 12 years, we have been collecting, compiling and using data that is useful in the tyre sales process.

Websites and online shops:

Developing your business:

Solutions for the automotive industry:

Integration and automation:

TyreSoft databases:

Logotype and visual identity for your company

Website for your automotive business

Online shop with tyres, rims and accessories

Integration and automation: Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon

A complete strategy for the development of your business

All tyre brand catalogue with automatic update

Label generator for tyres according to the EU regulation

Website hosting, SSL certificates

Tyre and wheel selector configurators

Integration with wholesalers

Integration with sales platforms

Access to tyre and wheel selection databases for individual vehicle models

Improving your company's image

Database of images and product descriptions

A system to operate a tyre & wheel deposit facility

Ready-made business idea

Online service reservation system with SMS reminder

System for carwashes and autodetailing

Integrating secure payments

Automating sales and order logistics

TyreSoft enables you to sell in a dropshipping model

Discover the possibilities for automating the sale of tyres and rims

  • One of the features of TyreSoft software, is to allow you to sell on a dropshipping model: automating the sales process.
  • Your shop's offer will automatically increase by all products of selected wholesalers. Stocking your shop with thousands of products, takes only a few minutes and is done by exchanging stock files. Integration and automatic updating of stock levels and data from the wholesalers is done without involving you in the process and replaces many manual operations.
  • With TyreSoft you will also automate the order handling process. Focus on generating sales and leave the tasks related to logistics to the program. This will translate into an increase of your shop's turnover and handling more orders in a shorter time!
Sales automation process.

Explore the benefits

What do you gain by using Tyresoft?

unlimited users of tyresoft software.

Unlimited users

No charge per user. Regardless of the size of your business or number of employees, you only pay once for the software.

You buy a software licence from us once and can use it indefinitely.

Time-unlimited licence

You buy a software licence from us once and can use it indefinitely. This means that fixed maintenance fees are limited to server charges only!

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Server support and service

We service many tyre companies, sowe know how important it is to be trouble-free during the season. We provide secure and stable servers.

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