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About us

We have been improving the performance of online tyre e-commerce software continuously since 2007. We have developed software for more than 100 companies. Our team knows the industry perfectly well and is ready to use its knowledge to improve your business too.

TyreSoft software development company team

We are authors of technologies which for years have been improving the work of large and small companies in the sector

Our technologies

Multiple product matching


The tyre trading market is characterised by a multitude of product codes and additional markings. Our system analyses the product IPC & EAN codes, takes into account leading zeros and controls the database in such a way as to achieve the most effective matching of product parameters from suppliers integrated into the system. This reduces the errors in taking orders and complaints to a minimum.

For whom is TyreMatchScore?

For all tyre shop and service owners.

What benefits does TyreMatchScore offer?

TyreMatchScore reduces order entry and issue errors by analysing product codes and matching tyre and wheel parameters to search results as efficiently as possible.

Server and TyreMatchScore technology
A desk with a computer through which offers from integrated suppliers automatically flow by using ETL technology.
Seamless Integration


For many years, our system has been focused around automatic integration of suppliers' offers, i.e. wholesalers, manufacturers and wholesale platforms with customers, supporting multi-channel distribution. This makes it possible to freely control the offer and presence in many distribution channels without unnecessary, monotonous work.

For whom is ETL?

ETL technology is used in all our online shops and wholesalers.

What benefits does ETL offer?

ETL offers automatic integration of suppliers' offers (wholesalers, manufacturers, wholesale platforms) with the online shop. There is no need to manually enter and update the offer in the shop.

Automatic order processing

TYRE router

Automatic order processing allows all orders to be handled from a single data flow centre. As a result, orders from different sources are processed and handled from a single point. This guarantees a reduction in labour costs and human error, and also enables ongoing cost control and reduction of losses resulting from the continuous flow of data.

For whom is TYRErouter?

Tyre router is designed for all online shops and wholesalers.

What benefits does TYRErouter offer?

The use of TYRE router technology translates into lower labour costs and reduced human error by having the programme handle and process all orders from different sources.

Automated order processing technology to handle all orders from a single data flow centre.
A browser window and magnifying glass that zooms in on prices that are automatically and massively managed with TyreSoft.
Tyre offer variability index


Pricing in the system is based on dedicated mechanisms for easy and mass management of product prices. The system uses market feedback, thanks to which it can automatically operate prices in a dynamically changing competitive environment.

For whom is OVI?

OVI is for all owners of online tyre and rim shops.

What benefits does OVI offer?

Certainty of correctly entered prices, without having to enter and update them manually.

The best and most popular software for the tyre industry on the market

Why is TyreSoft the best choice?

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12 years of experience

We have been improving the work of tyre and rim shops for 12 years. We advise and support your business with our knowledge.

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100 companies in the sector

We already work with over 100 companies in the industry. The experience of our specialists is invaluable.

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Best functionality

We offer the possibility of free expansion of your shop, integration with the most popular sales software.